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TWWB 2020 Planning meeting

TWWB 2020 Planning meeting

We are about to start planning The Wrong Way Back 2020!

Yes, we know that’s a little way off but we always try to start planning the event at least 2 years ahead of time, as riders need to train and get their fitness levels ready for the 8 days in the saddle. Also, the support crew needs to know what they need to do.

So if you fancy riding or being a support crew member this meeting is for you.

Riders who are thinking of taking part in TWWB 2020 can register their interest by filling out the form in the link below.

Register Your intent to take part in TWWB 2020

In this meeting we will discuss:

  • Date
  • Route
  • Training
  • Group Training Rides
  • Answer riders and support crew questions


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